New Music Mondays: Engine Room Records Presents- A Tribute To Pinkerton

Last week New York based record company Engine Room Recordings released a tribute to one of the most important albums of my adolescence– Weezer’s Pinkerton. After witnessing Weezer revitalize the Blue Album in the winter of 2010, and missing out on the Pinkerton night of the Memories Tour, we were excited to hear that some up and coming musicians would be paying tribute to the latter. The compilation features artists like Dinosaur Feathers, Aunt Martha, Jenny Owens Young, and more as they attempt to re-create the magic that was produced by Weezer nearly 16 years ago.

The album opens with Dinosaur Feathers taking on “Tired of Sex” and they nailed it (pun intended). There is just enough originality within the composition to not feel forced, while still staying true to the original. Xylos’ cover of “The Good Life” may be the most adventurous of the bunch as they dress up the track with an ’80s electronic feel. It’s always difficult when making a tribute album to infuse some originality while at the same time not disappointing those fans who want to be able to recapture the emotions of the original track. With “El Scorcho” being one of our favorite cuts on Pinkerton it was tough to stomach Wakey!Wakey!’s version as it fell quite flat in delivering the drive of the original.

There was redemption though in the form of Tim Noyes’ version of “Butterfly.” The Aunt Martha frontman creates a simple, yet effective version of the Weezer slow jam and in this video explains the adventure of taking on the album closer.

You can stream the full album below via Spotify and let us know how you think the tribute measures up to the original.

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