California Wives Release Debut, Set To Open For Stars @ The Paradise

Earlier this month, Chicago-based band California Wives released their debut LP and have since been garnering steady buzz from many a music publication. With an eye (or two) locked on their upcoming Paradise show on September 21 opening for Stars, here’s our review of their recently released LP, Art History.

From the first tune to the closing number, California Wives can be best described as, simply, catchy. The soft vocals resound between your ears long after you stop listening. Part of that may be because the lyrics are a bit repetitive, but when has that taken away from a band’s status? Have you heard of the Police? Don’t turn on the red light, or at least a blind-ear, to California Wives.

The LP comes out strong with three upbeat, chorus driven songs that, had I been at a rock club rather than at a computer writing this review, would’ve picked me up out of my seat (they still may have, but you’ll never know).

The fourth song, “The Fisher King”, slows it down. Eerily-synthed keys and a roundabout chorus send you into a daze, so use caution if driving when number four comes on.

“Los Angeles” picks it up, and this time does give you something to drive to, but “Photolights” drops you right back into that stupor. “Photolights” throws together a trippy, Pink Floyd-style jam with a little more of a mainstream pop feel.

“Purple”, sure to be a favorite among listeners, grabs you with one of those perfectly simple guitar riffs. If there were to be some modern update rat-pack films, the song “Twenty Three” would fit on that soundtrack flawlessly. My favorite track, the “New Process”, gets a little Pink Floyd-y again, and then “Light Year” closes the LP with another fast-paced, Indie Pop creation.

This quartet sounds good in the studio, but I have a feeling they sound pretty great live. Get out to the show on the 21st because you’re going to get hooked on Art History and need more California Wives.

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