New Music Mondays: Nick Miller & The Hustle Standard

Not too long ago we were writing about Charley Hustle and the third installment of his Hustle Standard recording series, an electro-punk/dubstep/hip-hop EP entitled Battle Tested. A mere three months after collaborating with Rob Bailey on Battle Tested, Hustle is back with a new EP. For his fourth EP under The Hustle Standard moniker, Charley enlisted the help of Nick Miller to create The Brave Abraham Judah. The six song EP tells the story of one Abraham Judah and his “murderous adventures across the Wild West.” I don’t know about all of you, but I’m a sucker for a concept album and TBAJ does not disappoint.

The imagery in the lyrics of each track help to paint a picture of outlaw cowboys from a time long gone by, while Charley’s production gives the EP a modern edge. On “At The Bottom” Miller sings, “A trusted arm shoots true and straight/In his palm three pounds of weight/His fingers curl, he closes one eye.” Now if that isn’t intriguing enough, Hustle brings back Rob Bailey and Jake Hill aka Jay Kill to contribute vocals to the EP’s rousing finale “Rodeo.”

In six tracks Hustle and Miller create a world worthy of a Sergio Leone film, and one that makes me feel like a badass by just sitting in my room and listening. Check out the video for “The Ghost” below and pick up your copy of the full EP here.

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