Our Dream Setlist From My Morning Jacket

After catching My Morning Jacket at Forecastle, Newport, and Red Rocks this summer we were able to see an incredible array of songs from the MMJ catalogue. Whether it was “The Dark” and “The Bear” at Forecastle, Ben Sollee and Conor Oberst joining in on “Smokin From Shootin” at Newport, or “X-Mas Curtain” and “Where to Begin” at Red Rocks, I’d say we were spoiled at the very least. You would think we’d be satisfied with three incredible shows, but we’re going to get a bit greedy. Below we have compiled our dream My Morning Jacket setlist which is filled with deep cuts, covers, B-sides, and of course all of the classics in there too. We know some of these songs may never be played live, but it doesn’t mean we won’t beg for this setlist the next time they come to Boston.

If we can’t hear this set performed live we can at least listen to this Spotify playlist with all the songs below and hold out hope that one day our wildest dreams may come true.

1. At Dawn

2. Just One Thing

3. Friends Again

4. Weeks Go By Like Days

5. Gideon

6. Picture of You

7. Cobra

8. A Quick One, While He’s Away (The Who cover)

9. Lay Low

10. Olde September Blues (Ga-ed Out version)

11. Butch Cassidy

12. Highly Suspicious

13. War Begun

14. The Bear

15. Phone Went West

16. The Dark

17. Master Plan

18. It’s About Twilight Now

19. Tyrone (Erykah Badu cover)

20. Slow Slow Tune

21. Steam Engine

22. Dondante

23. Mahgeetah


Encore 1

24. Smokin From Shootin

25. Touch Me I’m Going To Scream, Pt. 2

26. Run Thru

27. Careless Whisper (George Michael cover)

28. Wordless Chorus


Encore 2

29. O Is The One That Is Real

30. Strangulation

31. Rocket Man (Elton John cover)

32. I Will Sing You Songs

33. One Big Holiday

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  1. Zach Donahue

    bring a change of clothes and a toothbrush for a set this long. good picks tho

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