New Music Mondays- The Black Cadillacs

The Black Cadillacs hold a special place in our hearts here at M&T as they were one of the first music submissions that we actually featured on the site after starting the blog almost 2 years ago. Back then Neil wrote that the Knoxville group would be a front-runner of the “Rock Revival” which he predicted was “bound to happen sooner than later.”

With The Black Cadillacs latest release, Run, I think it is safe to say that the aforementioned Rock Revival has arrived. Like their 2010 LP All Them Witches, The Black Cadillacs’ most recent effort showcases their brand of in-your-face rock that will ultimately draw comparisons to The Black Keys and The Black Crowes and not only because of the similarities in name. Paste Magazine has already dubbed the sextet one of “12 Tennessee Bands You Should Listen to Now,” along with Young Giant labelmates Vinyl Thief, and one listen through Run is all you need to get hooked on these Southern alt-rockers.

Tracks like the epic “I Know It’s Hard” and album closer “Go On, Go Off” offer a sense of nostalgic balladry whereas “Choke” and “Find My Own Way” are more along the lines of the in-your-face rock that sparked the Black Keys comparison. The standout track for me though is the album opener “Classic Fool.” It’s a slow-burner with Americana influences and a classic heartbreak story that serves as a great way to ease listeners in to the rest of the album. Run has quickly made it’s way into our favorite albums of 2012 thus far and you can hear why below with a recording of “Classic Fool” via Ardent Studios.

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