Pinegrove- Meridian

Pinegrove - Meridian

Pinegrove is the Brooklyn based project of Nandi Plunkett, Evan Hall, and brothers Zack and Nick Levine. The latter three of the group all grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, but it wasn’t until Hall met Plunkett at Kenyon College (also the proving grounds for Walk The Moon) that the music of Pinegrove began to develop.

After relocating back to Montclair and then on to Brooklyn upon graduation from Kenyon, the group created Meridian, their debut album. Upon first listen it was difficult for me to think of other bands to compare the sound of Pinegrove to. I struggled to grasp a band who resembled the sound of Pinegrove and after a few listens to Meridian it became apparent to me that the situation I found myself in was nothing to fret about. Pinegrove has created a sound all their own, highlighted by syncopated guitar lines, driving percussion, and delectable harmonies from Plunkett and Hall.

The group has played with artists like Johnny Flynn and Born Ruffians, and are currently in the midst of a tour that has taken them to Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and will have them traveling through Vermont, Montclair, Richmond and Nashville over the coming weeks. Pinegrove will also be stopping through Cambridge tomorrow night for a set at All Asia, which we highly advise that you check out (details here). Take a listen to “The Metronome” below and make sure to pick up your copy of Meridian on the group’s bandcamp page (pay what you want, support good music!).

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