The Comprehensive Musical Musings of Jake Hill

As you may know by now our good friend Jake Hill will be joining us on Friday April 27th at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston for an action packed night of live music (for more info on that event click here). What you may not know is that Jake Hill is also one of the busiest musicians in America. I can hear all of you scoffing as you read that last sentence, but I would be more than happy to explain myself.

Who do you know that releases an urban EP and a children’s record in the same year? Not to mention recording a folk album, covers EP, and launching an artist collective/studio/record label to boot. Let me answer that for you– no one, besides Jake Hill that is. By now you’ve got to be intrigued so read on to learn more about the endless escapades of the one and only Jake Hill.

Handsome Lady Records

“All performances are recorded with a microphone and some tape.”

That line that appears at the beginning of each video on the Handsome Lady Records website, and they ain’t lying. Each performance is recorded with only one microphone, an old tape machine and some reels of 1/4 inch tape and the results are incredible. There are no effects pedals, no production or anything of the like, just tape and a mic and three guys with a passion for music.

Hill began the artist collective with fellow singer-songwriters Will Knox and Alec Gross with a simple studio in Knox’s Brooklyn apartment that became a clubhouse for artists to come and record raw, simple tracks with refreshing results. Some of the guests include Sydney Wayser, Jason Miles Goss, and many others.

The three founders of Handsome Lady Records just wrapped up a West Coast mini-tour where they no doubt spread the good word on no frills folk music. Check out the Handsome Ladies performing Hill’s “My Neon Friend” below and take a listen to the full Handsome Lady Records Club: Volume I Compilation here.

All The Voices Of The Forest

The intent of Hill’s children’s record was to, “make something rad for the kids and the parents and anyone else who is wiping their nose!” Hill’s All The Voices Of The Forest takes on old classics such as “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain” and “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” and plenty wonderful originals such as the tale of “Sloth & Moose” or the educational yet catchy-as-hell “Addition Song.” My apologies if you were reading that review to any young fans of the record…you should probably leave this site immediately and not look at any other posts. Especially not this one.

Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard

This should certainly be a familiar project to all of you regular M&T readers out there as Hill’s collaboration with New York producer Charley Hustle hit our Top 20 Tracks of 2011 with their song “Howlin At The Moon.” You will be glad to know that a brand new collection of Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard tunes have been completely tracked and are set for release this summer. For now go ahead and indulge in some more New Men Old Boys while you wait.

Jake Hill & Deep Creek

For those of you attending our event on April 27th you will not only be treated to Mr. Jake Hill, but also his band of merry gentlemen otherwise known as Deep Creek. Hill and the Deep Creek boys have been hard at work on a full-length release planned for summer’s end as well as an EP of cover songs expected for release shortly before the LP.

Dudes of the Dungeon

Mysterious, psychedelic, surf-rock? Yes please

If you want to see Jake in the midst of a million different projects make sure to grab your tickets to our show on April 27th at O’Brien’s.

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