Just Listen: The Inclined Plane-The Backwards Frontier

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been struggling through a “new music” depression as of late. It hit me hard after catching myself listening to Weezer’s Blue Album for the 135,629 time earlier today (which is perfectly acceptable under normal circumstances, but given my current state of musical stagnancy, was akin to drunk texting an ex). Thankfully, I was able to crawl out of my hole when I came upon a fresh release from Connecticut outfit The Inclined Plane; their dreamy, fuzzed-out, 11-track album The Backwards Frontier gave the doldrums of my brain a proper spring cleansing. These songs have maximum effect when strung together in full-album form, so go ahead and dive in via their bandcamp (embedded below). And if you want a quick taste, check out the video for the psyched-out “Little Shifts” as well.

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