Love At First Listen: Flight Feathers

Nothing beats the feeling of listening to an album the first time through and realizing that it is something special. It’s not something that happens frequently, but when it does you get that big grin across your face and as soon as you finish the last track you go right back up to the first and start all over again.

I remember this distinct feeling the first time that I listened to Tan Vampires’ For Physical Fitness and more recently I had that feeling with the debut LP from Flight Feathers, In The Darkness of My Night. Flight Feathers is comprised of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Babi Pal and well, there is no and, it’s just Babi Pal. The New Jersey born Pal wrote, performed and recorded the whole record at his studio, 5D Studios, in Brooklyn. Talk about DIY.

In The Darkness of My Night showcases a variety of musical styles and finds Pal shifting from pop melodies, to country ballads, to layers of ambient sounds and back again. The record opens with “Summer Fields” a track that sounds familiar even upon first listen as Pal settles into a soothing falsetto over slide guitar giving the track a wonderful folk feel. On “Signal Call” Pal slows the pace and delivers a soft and subtle track over a bed of harmonium, and man am I a sucker for the harmonium.

“The Last Dance” is the gorgeous country ballad that I previously referenced where Pal sings “I’ve been saving all of my love for you/I’ll do anything you want me to/I’ve been loving you as long as I recall.” Then there is the epic final track “The Beating of My Heart” which upon first listen reminded me of the chaotic and turbulent finale of Wilco’s “At Least That’s What You Said.”

You can stream In The Darkness of My Night and name your price for the full album on Flight Feathers’ bandcamp page. Be careful though as this one will be tough to take off of repeat, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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