Gold & Youth: The Attention They Deserve

I know that I said more to come on Gold & Youth and I wasn’t lying. Unfortunately I don’t have control of when their upcoming album Beyond Wilderness is being released so I can’t tell you how sexy, ethereal, hypnotic, dark or trance inducing the album will surely be with 100% positivity. I can tell you though that Gold & Youth are masters at teasing those that they have ensnared with their subtle synths, throbbing base lines, mysterious voices and cinematic music video teasers.

With the release of a second “vignette” we may not find a scene as sensual as the first but we are provided more of an insight into the characters we were introduced to in the steamy elevator shot. We can recognize the man from this new trailer as the one in the first by his matching collar/ponytail. With a church like synthesizer backing a heartfelt vocal intro we enter upon a dramatic scene where we find a morose looking man standing on what eventually turns out to be the ledge of a tall building as the song picks up with a reverberating electric guitar that is plucked so each note is distinct yet melded together. Maybe with this  we are slowly being introduced to the main character who the album centers around?

Vignette I (Time to Kill)

Vignette II

Gold & Youth (for a free download of Time to Kill and other goodies)

“Vignette – A short, usually descriptive literary sketch.” Yeah I had to look it up too.

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