M&T Best Tracks of 2011: #10

#10. Aunt Martha- “Bloodshot”

After the votes were tallied from the M&T crew on our favorite songs and records of 2011 there were a few of us who were very excited to see that this track ended up in the top 10, right where it should be. “Bloodshot” comes off of Aunt Martha’s EP of the same name and if we had done a Best EPs of 2011 list like our friends at Visible Voice, Bloodshot EP definitely would have made the cut.

At the surface the song is a simple folk ballad, but at its core are the smart and endearing lyrics that make Aunt Martha so easy to sing along to– “They tell me a man is just the sum of his parts/Well I’m body and blood and a terrible heart/And it all adds up to every different person I’ve been.”

In the song’s chorus the theme of longing emerges, a theme that is quite familiar in Aunt Martha lead singer/songwriter Tim Noyes’ music. After listening to Aunt Martha’s most recent release, Norway, ME, where unrequited love is ever so prevalent, I almost want to track down Noyes’ former lovers and give them a stern talking-to for breaking his heart.

The vengeance for a jilted lover is neither here nor there, but what is important in the context of this countdown is that “Bloodshot” is a finely crafted song and Aunt Martha is a band you need to keep your eyes and ears on in 2012.

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