M&T Exclusive: Kingsley Flood EP Release Wrap-Up

If you missed Kingsley Flood’s string of 3 EP release shows at Lizard Lounge last weekend then you should be ashamed. We were able to make it out on the final night of the festivities which featured a “soy bomb” and an appearance on the trashcan by yours truly during “Mannequin Man” (see below for a similar performance from one of the first two shows), among many, many other highlights.


We caught up with lead singer Naseem Khuri after the show to get his take on three straight sold-out EP release shows and what it feels like to get the soy bomb–


Maimed & Tamed: What was your favorite song off of the new EP to perform live?

Naseem Khuri: During “Mannequin Man,” Steve (our drummer) rotated between banging on a mannequin and screaming through a highway rubber cone. So, that one.

M&T: What was the experience like to be able to play with 6 different bands over the course of three nights?

NK: The main reason we wanted to do three nights at the Lizard was to be able to play with our friends.  Getting up on Friday and Saturday mornings was amazing, as we were thinking “damn, we get to do that again…and we get to have different great bands to watch before we play…why can’t every weekend be like this…”

M&T: Best moment of each night? Best moment of the weekend?

NK: Well, we got soy bombed. In other words, an unnamed shirtless assailant jumped on stage while we played a cover of Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and wildly flailed arms, danced awkwardly, etc.  It was a salute to our Dylan cover set last year, which was a salute to the 1998 Grammy awards.

We may or may not have planned it…

M&T: Should we expect a similar run of shows for the next Kingsley Flood release?

NK: No idea! We won’t plan too much in advance, unless there’s a soy bombing.

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