M&T Best Albums of 2011: #18

#18. Tan Vampires- For Physical Fitness

The New Hampshire based band, Tan Vampires, churned out one of the best records of the year and they were also one of the biggest surprises in my mind. Without their appearance at this year’s Nor’easter Festival it very well could have taken me a few more months to discover this wonderful band.

On For Physical Fitness lead singer and chief songwriter, Jake Merhmann, crafts songs that hit a wide spectrum of themes both sonically and lyrically. There are the slow, deliberate tracks that focus on paranoia and lost innocence (see “Secret Carnivore” and “I Can Hear Them In The Dark”) and then there are the up-tempo and lyrically liberating tunes (see album opener “Digital Rot” and “Sweep Up The Pieces”), and a little something for everyone in between.

This is an album that comes highly recommended by the whole Maimed & Tamed crew and we have already gotten plenty of our friends and colleagues hooked on it, so do yourself a favor and check out the full album on the band’s website and buy yourself a copy.

Featured Tracks: “Customer Satisfaction Survey”, “Digital Rot”, “I Can Hear Them In The Dark”

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