Band of Horses @ Paradise 12/12/11

From the moment we were funneled directly from will-call into the club we knew there was going to be something different about this show. No knock on the Paradise, but going into last night’s show I felt as if Band of Horses had already graduated from venues of that size. Let’s just say that I’m elated that they haven’t.

After an opening turn from BOH guitarist Tyler Ramsey, the band kicked off their set with “NW Apt.” off of their newest record Infinite Arms. After the first song our suspicions had been confirmed- this show would certainly be different from the previous times that we have seen the band perform. There was more energy, more distortion and almost a sneaky sense of satisfaction from the crowd knowing that Band of Horses should certainly be playing a much larger venue.

Throughout the course of the set each band member was given their chance to shine. Keys and guitar player Ryan Monroe (and recent Boston transplant) had a ripping solo on “Cigarrettes, Wedding Bands” and took over lead vocal duties for “Older”, a track which he penned for Infinite Arms. Tyler Ramsey showed off his lap steel guitar skills on “Marry Song” and bass player Bill Reynolds even threw in a solo on “General Specific.” Drummer Creighton Barrett took his turn on the band’s cover of Them Two’s “Am I A Good Man?” and Ben Bridwell channeled the Gods of Motown on that same track.

At one point in the set Ben Bridwell remarked that the band was lucky to be able to sell out a venue that size, but I think the real lucky ones were those of us in the audience who got to witness an established band in an intimate setting. Check out the full setlist below as well as a video of “General Specific” from last night’s set.


1. NW Apt.

2. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands

3. Is There A Ghost

4. The Great Salt Lake

5. Weed Party

6. Compliments

7. Marry Song

8. The General Specific

9. Laredo

10. Older

11. Islands On The Coast

12. Neighbor

13. No One’s Gonna Love You

14. Ode To LRC

15. Am I A Good Man? (Them Two cover)


16. Part One

17. The Funeral

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