CMJ Interview with The New Limb

If you took our advice before the CMJ Music Marathon this year then you were at Arlene’s Grocery on Friday night to see The New Limb. Like us, the band is still in the process of recovering from CMJ, but we were able to catch Joey (lead vocals and guitar), Dan (guitar and vocals), Lauren (keys and vocals), Adam (drums and vocals) and Dave (bass) for a few questions. Read on below for the full interview to see what they have to say about playing in New York, their new EP and some advice for all of those aspiring hipsters out there.

M&T: I know you had mentioned during your set that it was the first time in New York City for a few of you, what was it like to be a part of such a huge festival in your first visit?

Dave: Defintlely exciting, a bit hectic.  I loved the intensity of the city, and our schedule just magnified that.
Dan: I fell in love. The energy that CMJ injected into the city was incredible. We flew in Friday night and went straight to a couple spots where shows were going on, it was magical.
Adam: I was here years ago, But it definitely wasn’t as cool as playing for such a great festival. And hopefully we’ll be able to come back next year and get to stay longer.
Lauren: I kind of feel like we might move there someday.

M&T: Did you get a chance to catch any other bands at CMJ? Who really caught your attention?

Lauren: Unfortunately, we arrived in New York at 1AM on Friday night, woke up at 2pm on Saturday, wandered our way around the city, struggled to get cabs to pick us up with our gear, and barely made it to our show at 9PM on Saturday… So I don’t think we really got to experience CMJ yet. We did get to hear a bit of Skizzy Mars (he played after us at Arlene’s) and he’s pretty dope.

M&T: You closed out your set at CMJ with a new track called “Work I’ve Done,” which we featured in our CMJ preview coverage, could you tell us about what else we can expect from the new EP?

Joey: Our previous record had a wide range of styles from song to song. Now we’re trying to melt down our natural inclination for diversity into something that is more focused and hopefully even more us.  It’ll probably still be more of a stew than a soup though.

M&T: Any plans to tour once the new EP has come out?

Joey: We’re planning on touring until we hate each other so much that we fall back in love with each other.

M&T: At M&T we are always wondering what the bands we love to listen to have on their iPods, what is on heavy rotation for you guys right now?

Dave: Carole King, Active Child, SBTRKT, Beatles, Joni Mitchell
Dan: On Spotify my top 6 artists are James Blake, Eminem, Jay Z, Simon & Garfunkel, Radiohead and Interpol.
Adam: I’ve been listening to a lot of Sugarcubes, XX, Interpol, FleetFfoxes, Four Tet, Bjork, Holy Ghost, etc.
Lauren: I haven’t stopped listening to James Blake in months.
Joey: I’ve been listening to the Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk a lot and Infinite Arms by Band of Horses.

M&T: Any words of advice for all of the little hipsters out there who dream of playing CMJ one day?

Dave: “Listen to your heart. That’s what I do.” – N. Dynomite
Dan: Bring roadies, and an entourage.
Adam: Work hard to make an original and accessible contribution to music.
Lauren: Be nice, work hard, make real contributions to music, don’t give up.
Joey: Try to find bandmates that are huge and muscular so they can carry all of your gear across New York for you.  Subways are great but not ideal when you’re carrying pedal boards and such.

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