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Between running around from showcase to showcase at CMJ I had a chance to catch up with one of our favorite acts from the weekend—Passwords. I got to know the band over lunch and learned a few interesting tidbits about the Canadian group like how lead singer Tom L’Allier used to play in a Rolling Stones cover band and that most families from Montreal to do their summer vacationing on Cape Cod, who knew?

Aside from vacation plans I also spoke with the band about their experience at CMJ and going to the studio to work on their next release (you heard it here first people). Read on below for the full interview and make sure to check back for more details on Passwords’ next release.

Maimed & Tamed: You have the self-titled release out now, what can we expect next in terms of recording?

Passwords: We’re going for more of a live approach on the new recording, off the floor kind of stuff. We’d like to have a really straight forward, more “poppy” kind of record, focusing mainly on synths and fuzz guitar hooks.

M&T: What has been the best part about playing CMJ?

Passwords: Hanging out in New York City and meeting new people.

M&T: Who else have you been able to check out this weekend?

Passwords: A cool band from Boston (!) called Friendly People and fellow Montrealers TOPS, Miracle Fortress, The Barr Brothers, Pat Jordache

M&T: The showcase you played at Arlene’s featured a variety of acts out of Montreal, what other artists from your home city should our readers know about?

Passwords: Organ Mood, Beaver Shepherd, Technical Kidman, Sean Nicholas Savage, The Loodies.

M&T: What is your favorite venue to play in Montreal?

Passwords: The Sala Rossa and the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.

M&T: Where can our fans catch you next if they didn’t take my advice (their loss) and missed the CMJ showcase?

Passwords: We are playing November 11 at the Mod Club in Toronto.

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