Nor’easter Festival 2011: Interview with Tan Vampires

I started transcribing this interview (mainly because Apollo Run is rocking out so hard in the background), but then after I got halfway through I realized that the written version of the interview wasn’t really capturing the tone of the conversation we had at all. These guys have known each other for the better part of ten years and that truly shows when you talk to them.

They are comfortable with each other not only when jamming through tunes from their debut record, but also off the stage, chatting with a music fan that they just met, also known as yours truly. The conversation didn’t get off to a great start (you will hear the awkwardness that I created within the first 10 seconds of meeting these guys…), but after lead singer Jake Mehrmann talked about his experience with the RPM Challenge the rest of the band began to open up and soon enough we were talking about things that really matter– like their favorite vampire movies.

Take a listen to the full interview below while enjoying a few Apollo Run tunes in the background, now that’s a two for one deal.

Tan Vampires Full Interview

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