Nor’easter Festival 2011: Interview with Kingsley Flood

Kicking off the Nor’easter Festival was local Boston favorite Kingsley Flood. They didn’t let the weather bring them down, cruising through tracks from their debut Dust Windows while testing out some new jams off of their yet to be named EP set for release this winter.

After their set we chatted with lead singer Naseem Khuri and bassist Nick Balkin about their upcoming run of shows at Lizard Lounge, Boston music and bears. Yes, bears.

For the full interview read on below and make sure to check out “Cul de Sac,” one of our favorites from Dust Windows.

Maimed & Tamed: You guys are playing three shows coming up at the Lizard Lounge in December, could you talk a little bit about what you guys are doing for the new EP?

Nick Balkin: For the new EP it’s going to be six songs and I think the idea for doing three shows at the Lizard was that we could treat it like we were curating a very small festival. We’ve been able to play so many shows on the road and we have met so many great bands from out of town that we wanted to have a chance to bring them into Boston. If we do three shows at Lizard it means we get to bring in more bands and show more of our fans these bands that we have been able to discover on the road.

M&T: What are some of your favorite bands around Boston that you would tell our readers to listen to?

Naseem Khuri: We love Mean Creek, and we’re hopefully doing something with them in the future. Viva Viva is another band we love and Girls Guns and Glory is just a straight-up kick-ass country band. It shows the eclectic nature of Boston music where we may fall somewhere in between Girls Guns and Mean Creek.

M&T: How has it been working on the new EP when you [Naseem] are in DC and the rest of the band is up in Boston?

NK: I’m not home very much, but we have been recording mostly in Somerville at Q Division Studios. It’s great, I basically live there and on Nick’s couch and that’s how we roll.

M&T: On the first album, Dust Windows, what made you guys choose Vermont for a spot to record?

NK: Vermont is a wonderful state and we are currently enjoying it very much right now. We really wanted to work in a remote atmosphere and Pete Weiss was the one who engineered it and he’s got this great studio called Verdant Studios. It’s in the middle of nowhere and for our first record it was a hell of a way to sort of congeal and be cohesive and really get to know these songs well.

NB: There’s nothing else to do there, it’s out in the middle of nowhere and you don’t even get cell phone reception in most parts of the area. It brings you deeper and deeper into the music, and makes sure that you’re getting really into it.

M&T: Last question– where did the idea for the “I Don’t Wanna Go Home” video come from?

NK: We really wanted to show the plight of bears who are just trying to get by. I mean it’s a hard world for bears and in this economy they have to resort to stealing honey, there’s no other way to do it. We were just really concerned that they were not getting the attention that they deserve.

NB: Things are tough all over, especially for bears these days. Didn’t it actually come to you in a dream, didn’t you have a dream about it? But it was much darker where the bears were all dead at the end?

NK: Yeah it did and if we had a bigger budget there would have been explosions, but right now we just have people tackling the bears because that was cheaper. One day our vision will be implemented, those bears will explode.

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