Nor’easter Festival 2011: Interview with Tim Noyes of Aunt Martha

You might notice from the picture above and from yesterday’s post on The Toughcats that the fishing pier at the Nor’easter Festival was a popular spot this weekend. Our friends at Kitchen Sessions made it a go-to spot for mini-sets from festival bands and the photo above was taken right before Aunt Martha played an impromptu version of “Lay Low.”

After the festival we were able to catch up with Aunt Martha’s lead singer and songwriter Tim Noyes to chat about the band’s new record and their series of Bonnaroo 2011 covers, check out the full interview below–

Maimed & Tamed: What were some of the major differences between making the Norway, ME album and your previous recordings?

Tim Noyes: Norway, ME was a totally different process than our Bloodshot EP and Candymaker. Those were more standard recordings – we went into studios in New York and made them over the course of a week. Norway, ME was just me, up in my spot in Maine, with a laptop. Time wasn’t an issue like it was for the other records and I felt free to experiment with a lot of different sounds and effects. The biggest difference though was that I never planned on releasing Norway, ME. Those songs were meant to be demos at first but then I got a little carried away and we ended up releasing the thing.

M&T: What was the motivation behind giving Norway,ME away for free?

TN: Well it didn’t cost much to make. That was big. But more importantly, I wanted as many people to hear it as possible, more so than I wanted the money that we could have made selling it. My hope is that some of our fans sent their friends to our website and they picked it up. And hopefully it’ll get out to more people over time.

M&T: Where did the idea come from to do all of the Bonnaroo covers leading up to the festival this year and how did you go about picking the songs? Which was your favorite to record?

TN: We came up with the Bonnaroo cover idea in Montana. We were stopping off during the drive from Seattle to Michigan and singing “Mermaid Parade” by Phosphorescent and we had just finished up a bottle of Cutty Sark. Phosphorescent was playing Bonnaroo and we just figured it’d be cool to start covering as many Bonnaroo artists as we could. Then we decided we’d post them up and get people excited about the festival. As for our favorite, I’d say “Take Your Mama” by Scissor Sisters. That’s a blast to sing and we all sing it.

M&T: You have played Bonnaroo and now Nor’easter what other festival out there would you like to play the most?

TN: Ah – well we’re headed to PeachTree down in Atlanta and Orlando Calling in Florida. We’re definitely excited for those. But if I were to pick another one I’d go with Outside Lands out in Cali. That’s a great one.

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