Nor’easter Festival 2011: Tan Vampires

As the Nor’easter Festival gets closer and closer we have been taking great pleasure in exploring the lineup and becoming familiar with the bands performing this weekend. With some bands we knew what to expect and with others we were going in blind (or deaf if you will). With Tan Vampires it was totally different, it was like finding a $100 bill on street. Calling their debut record For Physical Fitness a pleasant surprise would be an understatement.

Since I first started streaming the album on the band’s website last week (official release was September 20th), I have not kept myself away from it for more than a few hours. The Dover, New Hampshire 6-piece was named the Granite State’s best band in 2010 by the Boston Phoenix and deservedly so. Led by singer/songwriter Jake Merhmann, the band has been playing the tracks that appear on their debut effort for years, so it is no surprise that the recording sessions took less than a week.

The album has a little something for everyone, beginning with the slow, pulsing sounds of “I Can Hear Them In The Dark,” which brought to mind The Postal Service upon my first listen. On tracks like “Customer Satisfaction Survey” the band delves deeper into this electro-synth sound to create a track that builds into passionate vocals from Mehrmann and an exploding guitar riff to boot.

The album closer, “Fortunes Wheel” is the calm after the storm that is “Customer Satisfaction Survey.” The band’s choice for this track to close out the album should be applauded. With beautifully layered vocals that seem to swirl around in your headphones from side to side, “Fortunes Wheel” always leaves you wanting more and like me, you will find yourself starting the album over from the top right away.

Take a listen to “Leaves” below and make sure to catch Tan Vampires on Sunday at the Waterfront Park Stage at Nor’easter Festival 2011.

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