Liam Finn at TT The Bear’s 9/15

For those who came out to fill in the intimate space at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge, there was nary a face in the crowd that was not blown away by Liam Finn and opener Marques Toliver, who raised a ruckus as they kicked off their Fall tour of the US and Canada. Unfortunately, a late T carried us in a bit too late to catch opening opener Dan Blakeslee (who produced a killer print for the show, which I was lucky enough to snag a copy of thanks to the kind lady behind the merch table).

But it came in the good graces of the concert gods that we decided to not overstep our beer bounds at the Middle East bar and decided to check out Marques Toliver. Toliver who, according to The Guardian, was born in Daytona, moved to NYC to start busking, and was eventually discovered by TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone and introduced to “the scene”. All I can say is, I’m glad Liam Finn found him too, because Toliver’s divine mix of R&B/soul vocals backed by some grandiose violin playing (which, taking a page out of Liam Finn’s book, was masterfully looped on the fly into backing tracks) got the crowd into a pleasant mindset. Toliver was amiable on stage, interacting with the crowd and making sure he was at the right levels to compete with the electro thumping beats pouring into the space from upstairs. Toliver’s sound could probably gain something from having at least a percussionist on stage, but the fact that he flew solo made his set that much more impressive.

The crowd filled in considerably to watch as Liam Finn was joined on stage by familiar face/vocal and percussion accompanist EJ in addition to his touring bassist and drummer. Finn brought the energy right away as he jumped on the second drum set and attempted to deafen everyone right off the bat with a dual drum cymbal smashing attack. After that Finn was his usually music ADD self, not standing still for a moment and never playing the same instrument for more than a song and a half at a time. The crowd was treated to I’ll Be Lightning favorites and new FOMO growers and even granted a crowd request during the encore. The thing that struck me most about last night’s show was seeing just how much fun Liam and his band were having on stage. New tour, new album, new band, fresh off performing with Eddie Vedder and friends at PJ20–all ingredients for an electrifying show. Check out the setlist below, as well as a gem from Toliver.


1. I’ll Be Lightning

2. Better To Be

3. Cold Feet

4. Neurotic World

5. Real Late

6. Energy Spent

7. Wise Man

8. Don’t Even Know Your Name

9. Roll of the Eye

10. Second Chance

11. Lead Balloon


12. Fire In Your Belly

13. On Your Side

14. Jump Your Bones

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2 Responses to Liam Finn at TT The Bear’s 9/15

  1. Tess

    Marques Toliver opened?! Uhhhhh, I’m an idiot. I should have made this show.

  2. Kyle

    thanks for writing this review. wanted to make the show but could not pull it off and went websurfing to see if I could find any details. Didn’t expect to find much so excited to see such a good review, incl setlist. Bravo! although sounds like I should be bummed I missed it….

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