New Music Mondays: And The Giraffe

It is not very often that you come across music that has the ability to transport you to a completely different place. The guitars of Explosions in the Sky bring me to a long, dusty desert road to watch the sun set and The Low Anthem bring me to a simpler time, a time where I have never physically been but I can visit with the touch of a button.

There are a few other bands who have this ability, but I immediately thought of these two when I first listened to And The Giraffe and I think you will hear why when you listen too. Singer Nick Roberts brings to mind the somber yet endearing folk voice of Ben Knox Miller (a voice that also sounds aged well beyond his 20 years) and the guitar arrangements could very well be mistaken for Explosions in the Sky if you close your eyes and let them take you to that desert road.

Roberts is joined by friend Josh Morris to fill out the rest of And The Giraffe and I guess it only takes two to create my new favorite EP. Something For Someone is available for download now on the Gainesville duo’s bandcamp and you can pay what you want to get it. Take a listen to “Underground Love” and “Still” below and I think you will agree with the band when they sing on the latter, “We’re gonna be big stars someday.”

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