Nor’easter Festival 2011- Kingsley Flood


Fresh off being voted Best Boston Roots Band by the Boston Phoenix in back to back years, Kingsley Flood is ready to take that momentum to the Nor’easter stage at the end of next month. One may not think Boston to be a roots music hotspot, but Kingsley Flood beat out M&T favorites David Wax Museum for the award this year and last year they faced stiff competition from the likes of Joy Kills Sorrow and Boston music scene vets Tim Gearan Band.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to give Kingsley Flood a listen how about the influences cited on their Facebook page? The Band, Pixies, Ennio Morricone, Steve Earle, Radiohead? Come on now, if that isn’t intriguing you need to get your head checked.

The band’s debut album Dust Windows may not immediately bring Thom Yorke or Levon Helm to mind, but the contrast between tracks may be as varied as the band’s influences. The perfect example of this is with tracks 8 and 9. The haunting and driving sounds of “Roll of the Dice” are immediately followed by the more subdued “Eventually” which features warm harmonies set to a much slower pace.

Kingsley Flood will be hitting the Main Stage at noon on Saturday the 24th for the Nor’easter Festival and you bet your asses the M&T crew will be there soaking in the jams.

Check out the band’s quirky new video below for “I Don’t Wanna Go Home” which was filmed on the streets of Cambridge and Malden and is expected to be on the band’s next release this winter.

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  1. JPDonskeet

    right on, seems like it might almost b worth missing alumni weekend đŸ˜› oh and ps the horn n sax part at the end reminded me of came out of a lady for a second there

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