Aunt Martha Set To Release Record For Free

Yes you did read that correctly, the New Hampshire band who is quickly becoming an M&T favorite will be releasing some tracks on September 6th free of charge on their website. The record Norway, ME was recorded in, yes you guessed it, Norway, Maine and was mainly (see what I did there?) the work of frontman Tim Noyes. On this record the band intends to take a step in a new direction, experimenting with vocal loops and a variety of effects that will contrast the tracks from the acoustic sound heard on previous releases.

Aunt Martha will be supporting Juliana Hatfield this weekend at Brighton Music Hall and will also be making an appearance at this year’s Nor’easter Festival in Burlington, Vermont along with M&T favorites River City Extension and many more great acts.

Check out the video for Norway, ME track “Starter” below as well as an inside look into the making of the album.

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