Your Next Favorite LP: Passwords

Versatile. Catchy. Original. These are all adjectives that can be used to describe Montreal’s indie/folk/psych/rock group Passwords. Their debut self-titled LP is relatively short (8 songs clocking in at about 35 minutes) but oh so sweet. Recorded way back in 2009 but just seeing a general release earlier this year, these 8 songs have quickly become my favorite collection of tunes put out by a new band. Also, having not recorded anything in quite some time and having just made a well-received big stage performance at the Osheaga festival a few weeks ago, I believe it’s safe to say we can be expecting new music and big things from this Canadian outfit in the very immediate future. Video below is live from Osheaga, not the best sound quality but it gives you an idea of the energy these guys are bringing to the stage.

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