Interview with Deer Tick/Middle Brother frontman John McCauley

Although it didn’t sound like it on Sunday, the boys of Middle Brother hadn’t played together as a band since April. The only reason one might be led to believe that the boys were a bit rusty was Taylor’s brief moment of memory loss on the last verse of Wilderness which still made for some great crowd interaction.

After Middle Brother’s set we got a chance to ask John McCauley a few quick questions about how the band got it’s start and one of John’s favorite activities aside from playing music–drinking.

Maimed & Tamed: How did the idea for Middle Brother start to come to fruition when Deer Tick was touring with Dawes back in 2009?

John McMauley: I think we just liked each other’s songwriting and I just asked him if he would be interested in doing something like that and he said yes. I don’t think he expected it to really happen, I don’t know if I really expected it to happen either. It all worked out and then Matt got involved and everything came together. I didn’t really know Matt at all and him and Taylor were buds so when he heard about this project he wanted in on it, so I said ok this sounds awesome I like Delta Spirit a lot.

M&T: Some of us caught your Deervana set at Bonnaroo this year, can we expect to see some of that during Deer Tick’s set at the Newport Blues Café tonight?

JM: Sometimes we throw in a Nirvana cover, but Deervana is officially broken up. That was probably our worst one [at Bonnaroo] I’m sorry. Maybe it was good, I don’t know if you like drunken musicians playing as loud as possible.

M&T: Speaking of drunken musicians, what was your drink of choice while working on the Middle Brother album?

JM: We drank a lot of Budweiser, a lot of Budweiser and a lot of tequila. The producer’s wife made some really bangin’ tequila sunrises so we were drinking a lot of those. A lot of whiskey too, and some scotch. Between all of us we could easily kill a couple bottles of liquor and a few cases of beer a day, so sometimes it was a vodka day sometimes it was a whiskey day.

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