New Zealand’s Finest, Andrew Keoghan

Never heard of Andrew Keoghan? Well don’t fret, as he has yet to make his big break over here in the States, but you may recognize his brother, Phil Keoghan, as the host of television’s Amazing Race. Despite the fame of his brother (I actually don’t even know if he qualifies as being on a Jeff Probst level, but regardless, people know who he is) Andrew has garnered legitimate buzz in his homeland of New Zealand. Armed with a 130 year-old violin and a knack for manipulating a loop pedal, Keoghan delivered his debut release earlier this year. In some circles he has drawn comparisons to Andrew Bird and even Jeff Buckley, and although I wouldn’t go that far, I do believe that you will be hearing more about our Kiwi friend in the future. You can grab Arctic Tales Divide from his website, but in the meantime check out the beautifully shot video for “Every Orchid Offering” below.

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