Bonnaroo Spotlight: Band of Skulls

This week we’re taking a look at Band of Skulls, a rock band you may or may not have heard of, hailing from good ol’ Southampton, England. And if you’ve heard this song, which has been making the rounds on an ad for the 2011 Ford Mustang, then you’ve heard Band of Skulls…

Song actually fits the ad quite well. Ford Mustangs + Band of Skulls rocking = Bad Ass. BOS has a pretty limited discography to their name, so you can pretty much bet on a Thursday appearance from them. No matter, Thursday always provides two or three solid acts as a nice little segue into the rest of the weekend, and I think BOS is up to that task. Check out some other highlights from their full length Baby Darling Doll Face Honey below.

“I Know What I Am” -also featured in another car ad, they have that theme nailed down

“Death By Diamonds and Pearls”

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