A Lesson in Hip Hop: OFWGKTA

Our great friend and M&T hip-hop guru Patrick is back for another Lesson in Hip-Hop, and in this feature he takes a look at Los Angeles based rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Enjoy–

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or OFWGKTA or Odd Future for short, is the hottest new rap crew from LA. Odd Future consists of Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Frank Ocean, Left Brain, Syd Bennett, Matt Martians, Hal Williams, Jasper Dolphin, and Taco Bennett. They all range in age from 19-23 and are running with their new image in hip hop. Although they’ve been recording since 2007, they have just recently been getting national attention, especially after an electrifying performance on the Jimmy Fallon show about two months ago.

Their music is fantastic, absolutely my favorite rappers to come out in the last few years aside from J Cole. Their music definitely isn’t for everyone as some of their beats are real hardcore (but don’t call them horror core), and nothing is off limits in their raps (murder, sex, drugs, and rape are some common themes). As far as I can tell they have nine albums, some solo, some group, some sub groups (there are three sub rap groups inside of Odd Future) and they also have three mix tapes. My favorite part of Odd Future is that they remind me of Wu-Tang albums in the sense that even their solo albums are like a group album because almost every song has another member from Odd Future on it. The most talented members of the group are Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, and Mike G. As a collective though, Odd Future has everything you would want from a hip hop group. They have the beats, they can rap fast and slow and their rhymes, although at times are not too original, will still have you rewinding your tape deck back to hear them again. They have not only gotten a cult following of fans from coast to coast, but also in the rap game. Mos Def has been spotted at a few of their shows, and Kanye West dubbed Tyler, the Creator’s music video “Yonkers” the video of 2011 (a video Tyler, the Creator directed himself).

The group also adds another element to their music through incredible live performances. To say that they are wild doesn’t even begin to describe them. In fact Odd Future says that their live shows aren’t rap concerts, but live shows with rap included. They have been compared to vintage punk rock concerts, with moshing, stage dives, and a raucous crowd. After watching a few of their live performances I have to say that they get more into their music than any other hip hop artists I have ever seen (and not to brag but I’ve seen a shit ton of live hip hop shows). To get a good feeling for what their live shows are like make sure you check out their performance of “Sandwitches” on Jimmy Fallon (watch for Mos Def’s appearance at the end), and that’s not even a performance with their fans present.

Odd Future is the future of hip hop. So hate them or love them, I guarantee you’ll hear about them for a while. Also make sure to check out Tyler, the Creator’s new album Goblin when it drops May 10, 2011 off of XL records.

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