Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard

Don’t worry, this is the EP you have been waiting for. New Men Old Boys is the collaboration between Plymouth, MA singer-songwriter Jake Hill and Brooklyn based producer Charley Hustle.  Known as Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard, the duo released their joint EP earlier this year and it has been blowing up my iTunes rotation for the last two weeks. The combination of Hill’s growling vocals paired with Hustle’s beats and instrumentation creates a feel for the album that is quite different from either of their solo works. The highlight of the EP has to be the ridiculously catchy “Howlin At The Moon,” but the rest of the tracks fill out the album quite nicely and should not be discounted. “I Don’t Share” grabs your attention immediately with the opening line,  “Said I love you in the bathroom/Whisper dirty I can have you” and “Minute of Help” offers a vocal collaboration between the duo in which their delivery is both soulful and upbeat.  You can name your price for this glorious little 4 track nugget on their bandcamp, which i highly recommend you get on top of right now.

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