M&T Best Tracks of 2010: #2

#2. LCD Soundsystem- “Dance Yrself Clean”

The first time I heard “Dance Yrself Clean” was when I was living in London and a friend asked if I had heard the new LCD Soundsystem album. At that point I had yet to download the album, but my friend wanted me take a listen to the opening track. He said something to the effect of, “I’m not sure how I feel about the first 3 minutes or so, but listen to this.” He fast-forwarded to the 3:08 mark and my mind was blown. The drop in this song was unrivaled in 2010 and I will fight you if you don’t think that this song is the dance hit of the year. In some ways the intro to the song, which my friend was wary of, is the best part. The rising tension creates the groundwork for the rest of the song and when it gives way to Murphy’s wide range of vocal chops there is no looking back. I think that the YouTube user with the most recent comment on the video put it best when he said, “Listened to this song with a bunch of friends in a club on E. We all lost our shit and exploded into a million pieces all over the world.”

So take a listen below and be prepared to collect all the tiny little pieces of your body that will be exploded across the globe.

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