M&T Best Albums of 2010: #1

#1. Spoon-Transference

So it’s come down to this, the moment you’ve all been waiting for– our choice for the #1 album of the year. It’s the album you couldn’t help but listen to all the way through, the album with the song you couldn’t get out of your head, and the album where you hear something new every time you spin it. That album is Spoon’s Transference, and while it may not be the sexy choice, it’s the one that deserves the honors. After 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga was released to virtually universal acclaim, it was hard to see Spoon top that effort especially since they were already pushing 10 years on the indie circuit. And it’s debatable whether or not Transference actually meets that mark but we’re not comparing Spoons with Spoons here, its the fact that Transference shines brightest among the ’10 crop.

We get how buzz bands are constantly pushing music forward, releasing trendworthy albums that are popular for a few months and make a big splash. But more often than not, we see these bands quickly fade away into obscurity, whether it be the fame getting to their heads or their inability to complete an album that can stand up to grand expectations. Even so, it takes work for a buzz band to make a splash. But it takes even more work for scene veterans, such as Spoon, to continuously make waves in the music world. Lead singer/writer/producer/the man Brit Daniel knows the winning formula, but also knows how to tweak his albums just so — that moment in a song that makes you think “Did I just hear that?” — that will keep you coming back for listen after listen. The album gets a swift kickstart with “Before Destruction” and “Is Love Forever?” before my personal favorite track on the album “Who Makes Your Money” (check out the amazing live version below). And from there you get M&T top track “Written in Reverse”, slow-burner “I Saw the Light” (best rock-out track), “Goodnight Laura” (best bedtime sing-along track), and “Nobody Gets Me But You”  (best use of piano mashing). Transference may be Daniel’s most personal album yet, but that’s not why it’s good…it just makes it that much better.

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