M&T Best Tracks of 2010: #3

#3- Delta Spirit- “Bushwick Blues”

In today’s music scene there are some promising young folk singers whose storytelling abilities hearken back to the greats like The Band and Neil Young. Taylor Goldsmith and Ben Knox Miller come to mind as well as Matt Vasquez from Delta Spirit. Vasquez’s voice can be soothing at times and then before you know it the true strength of his raspy voice will take over. The energy level that he brings to Delta Spirit’s live shows is incredible and he carries himself with a swagger that everyone in the crowd can feel. On “Bushwick Blues” Vasquez delivers one of the most heartfelt songs of the year. It tells the story of a man whose feelings for a bygone lover are so intense that he feels weak for not being able to get over her. Vasquez reveals this feeling of loss and yearning for love in the songs chorus when he pleads, “Because my love is strong/And my heart is weak/After all.” Continuing with lines like, “I met a young girl/Well I couldn’t manage her/Because I think of you/In every girl I meet/It’s no relief/That sounds to me just as sweet,” Vasquez and the rest of the boys from Delta Spirit create an anthem for the heartsick, one that is good enough to give you goosebumps.

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