M&T Best Albums of 2010: #3

#3. Arcade Fire-The Suburbs

Ever since their debut release Funeral blew up to unexpected proportions, the hype machine that is The Arcade Fire has been garnering critical acclaim for everything they do. Expectations for this album were high to begin with, so it is a feat in itself for the band to not only meet those, but crush them with ease. In the relatively short time they’ve been around The Arcade Fire have grown to be bigger than life and the scope of The Suburbs certainly adds to that notion. Trying to encompass the hardships, small joys, and overall quality of life in the suburbs is no small feat, but tracks like “Sprawl”, “The Suburbs”, and “City With No Children” all strike a specifically dissonant chord, with Win Butler and Regine Chassagne using contrasting, yet equally effective vocals and lyrics. There’s a few standouts on the album, but to really appreciate The Suburbs one must take the album as a whole piece, as a bold message, a statement.

(Most of Arcade Fire’s vids use vevo, so bear with a few commercials to enjoy these clips)

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