M&T Best Albums of 2010: #6

#6. Broken Social Scene-Forgiveness Rock Record

Coming in hot at number 6 is Broken Social Scene’s first album as a collective (minus a few familiar players) since 2005’s self-titled release. Lead man Kevin Drew and guitarist Brendan Canning are a few of the familiar faces who returned to create one of the most solid and consistent records of the year. The 14 song record provides a little something for everyone, especially fans of vintage BSS. There’s rocker/social commentary “Forced To Love”, Yeah-Yeah-Yeah’s-esque “All to All” with newcomer Lisa Lobsinger doing her best Feist impression, and instrumental encore “Meet Me In The Basement”. Even more of a feat is seeing this record being performed live, with BSS somehow managing to fit a small town on stage who all seem to get along surprisingly well considering their extensive touring schedule. A band with a lot of love, a blog with a lot of love, can’t get much better than this. Except for our top 5.

PS. “Sweetest Kill” may be the greatest slow jam of the year

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