M&T 20 Best Tracks of 2010: #19

#19. Peter Wolf Crier-“Hard As Nails”

For our #19 song of the year we chose “Hard as Nails” by Peter Wolf Crier off of their debut LP Inter-Be. The Minneapolis based duo of singer-guitarist Peter Pisano and drummer-producer Brian Moen have worked with a multitude of different groups before (Wars of 1812, Laarks and Amateur Love to name a few), but this is the first time that they have worked together. What resulted from this collaboration was the creation of their stellar debut album as well as an opening slot on Dawes and Vetiver’s fall tour. I chose a live video of the song “Hard as Nails” for this post because the recording just doesn’t do justice to the raw emotion that the song evokes. It begins with Moen’s rapping of the bass drum which provides a driving force that pushes the song forward. The song then builds into a series of one man harmonies which shows the technical expertise needed in producing the song and then re-creating it live. By the end of the song Pisano’s guitar is noticeably out of tune, he has snapped one of his strings and he can barely contain himself to his seat in trying to fight off the sheer energy of the song’s climax. The song ends fittingly with a barrage of Pisano’s wailing harmonies in culmination of a 4 minute epic build up.

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