MMJ/CMJ Madness Pt. 2

Normally we wouldn’t post twice on the same topic but this weekend provided around a years worth of noteworthy music, so how could we not blog the hell out of it? While most of our other blog brothers were busy delving nose first into the week long “I’m more hipster than you” fest that is CMJ music week, my cohorts and I were treated to multiple evenings of ear candy with My Morning Jacket. Many music enthusiasts attending CMJ week in the big city were eager to expose the next big thing or celebrate some of their favorite up-and-coming underground artists in intimate club settings.  Although I am a big fan of Back to the Future and am happy to celebrate in the 25th anniversary, I’d rather go against the Marty McFly lifestyle and kick it in the present. And right now, My Morning Jacket is the premier live act on this planet, and I say this without any hint of doubt. I know this because of many reasons, but I won’t get into them here so just trust me on this one. Eric blogged about Thursday’s run thru of It Still Moves, a great kick off to our weekend although fans lucky enough to attend Monday’s and Tuesday’s shows were rewarded for their diehardness (i.e. covers of “Rocketman” and “White Rabbit” and performances of tunes like “Strangulation” which had been locked in the closet for 5 plus years).

Friday night’s Z show provided enough chills and thirlls to supply me with goosebumps for a year. “Wordless Chours” and “It Beats 4 U” got things kicked off with a bang and gave insurance to any doubting fans that they would be in for a wild ride. Our general admission neighbors thought ahead and brought a Costco bulk load of glow sticks they decided to unleash during “Gideon” when Jim James opens it up with one of his signiature howls. “Into the Woods” provided an answer to the question “Hey, I wonder what that one would sound like live?”, and “Lay Low” gave the crowd a smashing, screaming, and just super supply of guitar solo act-shee-on. And after intermediate “Knot Come Loose” was a 20 plus minute rendition of “Dondante”. What can I say about “Dondante” other than I told a friend afterwards that I “had just experienced every human emotion”. The janitorial staff at Terminal 5 must still be cleaning up my brains from the floor and ceiling, because I’m pretty sure I was floating up there at some point. The song takes you for a ride in every way possible, growing from a whisper to an all out scream and eventually fading out with a sensual sax solo from Carl Broemel. And not to mention the 8 song encore that featured a Shel Silverstein cover, an always solid rendition of The Who’s “A Quick One”, and closer “Careless Whisper”. Yeah, thats a Wham! cover, and to prove how MMJ can turn just about anything into a jam, here ya go:

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